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Founded by real estate investors, Left Main REI is dedicated to helping other investors in the community transform their companies. Hear from other investors why they switched to Left Main and the impact we have had on their real estate companies!

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“After switching from CRM to CRM for several years always looking for the correct fit, but not finding everything that I was looking for. I heard about Left Main at an industry conference. After doing my due diligence we signed up over 2 years ago and never looked back. Out of the box Left Main was amazing, but when we needed more customization on reports, we were able to exactly what we needed. This CRM is just what you need to perform at a high level in the Real Estate space. Take that with the staff that has always been able to answer my questions and this is the perfect combination. Stop looking and start getting more accomplished with this CRM” ~Rick Austin, Free Home Offer 

“Left Main provides a platform for ultimate efficiency, optimized data collection, and greater workflow management,  creating leverage and day to day clarity for our overall business. Working one on one with Stephanie Betters in setting up our Left Main system has resulted in greater time management and focus for our team. Stephanie’s level of care, patience and expertise has supported our team in taking our business to the next level.”
~Jennifer Rogers, Marketing Director, Home Buyers of Pittsburgh

“I evaluated a lot of REI specific and not so specific CRM solutions. Left Main is the heart of our business and is what they claim, Real Estate Investor Lifeline. Having done an extensive deep review of the best CRM for our company, this is absolutely the BEST CRM for real estate investors. Easy to read, it provides the vitals we need to maintain the health of our business all day, every day. The integrations to top industry apps, automation, reporting and graphic visibility has revolutionized how we operate and keep all divisions accountable. No surprise. Why? Because it is developed by people like us, for people like us. Save yourself the headache, this is the best platform on the market and nothing will compare to its capabilities and expendabilities. It seamlessly grows as we grow, and, just as important, their customer service is top-notch.” ~Rick Delgiorno, Honest Home Solutions LLC

“Left Main was game changer for us! The automation, reporting and visibility is second to none and revolutionized how we operate. Our investment business now does over 250 deals a year seamlessly within Salesforce. Their background in real estate investing was instrumental in setting up the most comprehensive real estate platform around. If you’re looking for your next CRM this is the best platform on the market.” ~Amanda Dean, TN Home Buyers 

I have used four different CRMs for our real estate company. Left Main is by far the gold standard. It was set up by real estate investors, so they understand the unique needs of our business. The customer support is exceptional. They have templates available or they can upload your customized systems for auto-sequences. They didn’t interface with some of our vendors when we first started, so they added our vendors for a seamless integration. Never before have I been able to have a snapshot of our KPIs, pipeline, and leads all in one place. The dashboard gives me real time data for my business. Stephanie and her team have taken this to the next level. They continue to add new features like direct mail. We are blown away by their innovation and professionalism. Left Main has become an asset to our company. ~Amanda Howell, Atlas Homes LLC