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“Thanks to Left Main, It has turned our business around. I was using a whiteboard to track all of our deals before. Love all the follow-up integrations and the new phone set up!”


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Rick Delgrino

Lead Management

When does your team attempt to contact?

What percentage of your leads have you spoken to/texted with?

What percentage of your leads are qualified?

Are you calling, texting, emailing regularly with automation?

How many minutes until your team calls the new lead?

How many times do you contact your lead?

What do your follow-up sequences look like?

With Left Main's Dashboards you can answer all of these questions (and more) at the click of a button!

Sales Management

What % of your opportunities actually get an offer?

What % of your qualified leads get appointments set?

Does your follow up adjust based on the homeowners personality and/or sales cycle?

Do you track your appointments and which sales rep get it?

Are you using an integrated e-signature tool to send offers?

What % offers convert to a signed contract?

How long is your average sales cycle (qualified to contract) signed?

With Left Main's Lead Dashboard you can answer all of these questions (and more) at the click of a button!

Dispo Management

Can you send out deals through email and text from the same system?

Can you track gross profit and net profit with expenses?

Are you managing your signed contract in the same place as your leads?

Do you track needed financing on deals or available private money?

Are you able to calculate and track sales commission?

How do you track interest and offers from buyers?

Do you know why your contract cancelled?

With Left Main's Lead Dashboard you can answer all of these questions (and more) at the click of a button!

Let us show you our Dashboards

Tired of losing track of your leads? Worried about following up with your opportunities? Never lose track of a lead, opportunity or contact again with Left Main!

Take advantage of all Left Main offers through our Leads, Acquisitions, Marketing, Disposition and Leadership Dashboards.

With our built in automation you can efficiently record, organize and powerdial your contact lists through call, email and text. View crystal clear KPI metrics and much more!

Popular Integration's with Left Main

Mail Parser
Call Rail
Call Tools
Launch Control
Batch Leads
Batch DIaler
Lead Sherpa
Google Calendar
We can integrate all of these tools (and more) during on-boarding with Left Main at no additional cost.

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