The Technical Stuff

One of the best features of Left Main powered by Salesforce is that it is a modular CRM. We can do a lot of personalization on the background – from a simple relabel of fields to a more technical integration of applications. You will find here videos that would be helpful for your team who are working on the background of the CRM.

Objects Related

How to Edit Transaction Path/Dispo Path (Add Funnel/Path)
How to add lead source?
How to add custom fields on leads?
How to add missing objects on Sales for Left Main
Modifying Interested Buyer Section
How to add fields on your page layout?
How to edit Status/Stage Labels on Leads and Opportunities?
Edit Transaction Owner / Transaction Task Automation

Automation Related

How to edit automated email signature?
How to view and edit automated email sequence? (Message, Signature, Test)
How to set up Carrot Form to Salesforce Zapier
How to Make a Round Robin? (Leads and Acquisition)
How to Make a Round Robin? EASY WAY
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How to setup text notification on Zapier (Step 2)?
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How to setup mailparser.io?

Admin Related

How to Add new User?
How to reset security token?
How to remove user access?
How to integrate callrail?
How to reset user password?
How to integrate Callrail (Premium Update Not Paid For)
Launch Control and Salesforce Integration with Zapier
Explaining Hierchy/Roles
Process builder
How to assign and create new roles?
Web To Lead
Using webforms
Reconnecting DocuSign Once you Change your Password
How to Map DocuSign Templates DocuSign Version 3
How to Connect to Docusign in Salesforce
How to enable Einstein Activity Capture for email and calendar connectivity?
How to prepare you bulk leads import on Left Main?
How to install ring central?
How to update or change user’s permission?
How to grant Left Main access to your org?
How to add email accounts?
How to edit Preferred Location under Buyer Account
How to add unqualified reasons?
Adding access to Users to use Send DocuSign Button
Adding Email Alerts to Process Builders