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Meet our team

Stephanie Betters

Chief Executive Officer

Fun Facts:
  • I'm the first in my family to be born in the US.
  • Half Italian and Half Norwegian so you best believe I can cook AND I can ski ;)
  • I hold hearts and put tubes in people on the weekends.
  • I've done well over 500 real estate deals and own 723 doors but... The only gold I have is my husband and our 3 children.
Jennie Muzzy

Chief Operations Officer

Fun Facts:
  • I am a mom to Cameron, Cadence, and rescue beagle named Dottie.
  • I love being in nature, especially by the ocean.
  • I am happiest with a cup of coffee, dark chocolate, and a good book.
  • I believe that an hour in the morning by yourself can change your day and, in turn, your life. You could use that time to meditate, exercise, read, journal your gratitude/goals, etc.
Renee Duncan

Product & Knowledge Manager

Fun Facts:
  • Born and raised in Bowling Green, KY.
  • My original introduction to real estate was as a professional photographer.
  • My Shih Tzu, Olive, and Belgian Malinois mix, Oz, are my WFH interns.
  • Outside of work, I can usually be found hiking or road-tripping with my husband and dogs or testing out new software for fun.
Frankie Romero

Customer Success Specialist

Fun Facts:
  • I'm a huge advocate for mental wellness and believe that healing radiates from the inside out.

  • Things I love to do on a daily basis: meditate, breathwork, practice having a gratitude mindset, drink coffee (not always in that order).

  • I enjoy being in nature, whether it is by the sea or in the mountains. The desert is not my fave, even though I live in Arizona!

  • I'm a mom to two teenage daughters and a Rottweiler named Ruby.

  • When I was a kid I turned down Clint Eastwood's autograph because I wanted his date's autograph instead. His date was my local news anchorwoman and was my childhood inspiration to become a news anchorwoman when I grew up.

Victor Larrazabal

Senior Customer Success Specialist

Fun Facts:
  • I'm an immigrant, I came from Venezuela to Mexico and brought my family.
  • I have 4 scars on my head, I spent too much time climbing trees
  • (and falling) when I was a kid.
  • One of my personal goals is to speak at least 10 languages (currently I only speak 3).
  • I haven't discovered a dish I don't like.
  • I'd like to become a percussion master.
Charles Hawkins

Sales Manager

Fun Facts:
  • I am an active real estate investor with experience in wholesaling ,fix and flip and BRRR.
  • Florida Native.
  • I am a husband and father.
  • I enjoy Basketball and Football.
Janis Dela Cruz

Virtual Lead Manager

Fun Facts:
  • I'm Janis Dela Cruz, a mother of 3.
  • I was an Online English Teacher for more than ten years before I decided to venture into a job in the real estate industry.
  • I like listening to music and just watching TV series on Netflix.
  • I'm an extrovert and my favorite food is fried chicken haha.
Shauna O’Reilly

Marketing Manager

Fun Facts:
  • I have two cats named Max and Joey who are from the same litter and I'm the only one who can tell them apart since they look so similar.
  • I built my own 3D printer.
  • I love to cook and I learned how to make Tonkotsu Ramen from scratch this year!
  • I collect and sell Yugioh and Pokemon cards.
  • I design games in my free time.
Irish Beguia

Executive Assistant

Fun Facts:
  • I am a mom!
  • I love to cook and eat.

  • I enjoy staying at home most of the time.

  • I was a professional swimmer when I was younger.

  • I have 3 dogs and 2 cats.

Sam Rogers

Head of Professional Services

Fun Facts:
  • I played college baseball for a while.

  • I'm an avid supporter of the United States National Park System.

  • I'm a big Anime fan.

  • I love to golf.

  • I like DIY projects and am currently on house 1 of my rental portfolio.

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