The Daily Process

Looking for a direct to instruction videos? Look no further! You will find here videos which might be BASIC to INTERMEDDIATE level of actions on Left Main powered by Salesforce.

How to add a lead?

How to handle multiple properties?

How to send contract on Docusign?

How to create/run reports?

How to process an opportunity record as an Acquisition Specialist? (With Tips on Follow ups)

How to Switch to Kanban view?

How to retail transactions?

How to bulk/mass email?

How to edit SMS sequence template? (SMS-Magic)

How to Check on Employee Productivity?

How to manage your teams’ leads, tasks, opportunities, and transactions?

How to set appointment on Left Main?

How to view your Appointment on SALESFORCE APP?

How to use chatter?

How to trigger on and off your automated email sequence?

How to process a lead as a Lead Intake Specialist? (With Tips on Follow ups)

How to handle multiple properties under one seller? (Acquisition)

How to make dashboard?

How does Left Main by SF Calendar integrates with your Google and 365 Calendar?

How to send deals out to your buyers list?

Transactions overview

How to change opportunity owner?

What is an ACCOUNT Object?

How to utilize Interested Buyers Object?

How to connect additional email addresses? (To reflect on sending email as sender)

How to setup Calendar?

How to filter the list view on LEADS by NAME, Alphabetically?

How to connect multiple decision makers to an opportunity? (Contact Roles)

How to add/edit/view List View Filters (Leads, Opportunity, Tasks)

How to use DocuSign and the things it can do.

How to in line edit while in all leads view?

How to bulk import leads?

How to bulk import buyer PART 1? Account

How to bulk import buyer PART 2? Contacts

How to transfer records to new owner?

How to edit reports for acquisition reps

How to customize KPI goals on dashboard

How to add Phone Number and Logos on your email templates?

Adding Buyer Rating Values & Creating List Views