Welcome to Left Main

The training portal aims to assist you utilize Left Main powered by Salesforce. These training videos will help you make the critical processes of our business simple yet effective. Stephanie, CEO of Left Main would love to show you an initial tour!


These videos aim to guide you through your Left Main powered by Salesforce journey. These videos are required by LM Training Department to be viewed by each member of the company to better understand the CRM.

The Onboardings


The weekly webinars with Reyn gives you a training 101 with a group. These webinars are designed directly to new hires

The Webinars


Looking for a direct to instruction videos? Look no further! You will find here videos which might be BASIC to INTERMEDIATE level of actions on Left Main powered by Salesforce.

The Daily Process


We can do a lot of personalization on the background – from a simple relabel of fields to a more technical integration of applications. You will find here videos that would be helpful for your team who are working on the background of the CRM.

The Technical Stuff


360 CTI and SMS are Left Main’s official partner for texting and phone system. You will learn how to use the 360 from the most basic to advance features of the app.

The 360 SMS/CTI


Trainings and support come in different shapes and forms – here you will find all other training and support materials that would help you utilize Left Main powered by Salesforce!

All Documents


The salesforce mobile app can be installed in both Apple and Android devices. This is best used by Acquisition Specialists on the go and administrators who will need to be updated with reports and dashboard.

Salesforce Mobile App

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