The 360

360 CTI and SMS are Left Main’s official partner for texting and phone system. You will learn how to use the 360 from the most basic to advance features of the app. Watch the quick and dirty onboarding to better understand its features.

The Basic 360 Features on Left Main

How to Send SMS using 360 SMS?
How to listen to Call Recordings? (360 CTI)
How to Call using 360 CTI?
How to know there is a message using 360 SMS?
Complete Call Flow in CTI App + Orphan Leads

The Advance 360 Features on Left Main

How to call forward on 360 CTI?
How to create templates on 360 SMS?
Recurring Drip Campaigns with specific days and time for it to be activated. (360)
Setting Up New User in 360 CTI/SMS